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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

I have been familiar with the projects of CDO since 2005.  I have watched them grow and develop over the years while I served in Nepal with the Maryknoll Society, USA. Over the years CDO has received both national and international recognition for their works and services to others, especially the marginalized members of the Society. They have always worked in a professional and ethical manner and have have carried out their programs in a wonderful collaborative team effort.

Fr.Joesph L. Thaler

In all of their programs ranging from their initial works in the brick factories around Kathmandu, to medical and health and dental camps, to rural community-based projects, and to disaster relief that included floods and earthquakes and other disasters.

Currently they are also involved in making water filters that provide safe drinking water to many of the marginalized members of the community including school children and those in hospitals. I am sure the CDO website will highlight many of the programs CDO has been involved in over the years.

It should also be noted that CDO constantly provides excellent and timely progress and financial reports. This was greatly appreciated also.  I believe the CDO is a model for NGO’s working in Nepal.

Fr.Joesph L. Thaler, Maryknoll Society, USA.

Participating in the CDO Nepal programs firsthand has given me a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the services they provide to thousands of Nepalis. Being able to work with community leaders to establish culturally competent care and build trusting relationships was invaluable as a health care provider. CDO Nepal organization provides a great impact to the community as a whole, serving individuals who are in much need. CDO Nepal will always hold a special place in my heart and I plan to return in the near future. Katie Noble, Register Nurse ,Mayo Clinic.

It was in 2015 when I became the chance to stay and volunteers in CDO Nepal in 5 months. I always feel home. I worked in Day care center in brick factory, medical health camps, Assist to provide first aid services during earthquake time, My favorite part was my volunteer days with brick children. Always Smile in their face even in hard time make me realize that to be happy is always important. 

We went too regular to the old people`s home, a carpet factory for medical checkup and consultation. It was a great adventure for me, when I could go with CDO medical staffs to different villages far from Kathmandu. They were very frank and caring. I get to know a lot in CDO, specially a warm and friendly family with good knowledge about the need of the people there and the know-how for the real help.

I had a very good time staying with CDO and I often think of them.  Volunteer in CDO Nepal was one of the best and good experience in my life that taught me to be happy always to live longer life.

Thank you CDO Nepal team and especial thanks to Arati and Pradeep.

Dr. Christa.Kostron